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Investor Relations – How We Support You As A Search Consultancy

Investor relations and financial communications are in demand when it comes to the most important stakeholders of many companies – investors, analysts, and the business media, but also management and employees.

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IR managers and financial communicators ideally have a close connection to the C-level. They coach and advise the CEO or CFO, go on roadshows, and receive important strategic information.”
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We find the best executives, managers and experts in investor relations and financial communications.

Tasks: from reporting to equity marketing

Successful IR managers and financial communicators look after the company’s reputation in the capital market, deal with reporting and compliance issues, monitor investor opinions, conduct equity marketing, and know how to deal with activist investors. They fine-tune the equity story, are responsible for annual and quarterly reports, reach younger target groups and their own employees via digital communication, go on roadshows, publish ad-hoc announcements, organise general meetings, press conferences and conduct one-on-ones. 

While investor relations primarily address analysts and investors, the business media are usually the most important stakeholders for financial communicators. Ideally, both functions have a close connection to the CFO or CEO. They coach and advise the CFO or CEO, go on roadshows with him/her and receive important strategic information.

Which company needs what kind of IR Specialist/Financial Communicator?

In the fields of IR and financial communications, the jobholder’s ambitions and skills must match the goals and resources of the company, and of course the culture – and vice versa. In its study “Strategies in Investor Relations and Financial Communications”, the “Centre for Research in Financial Communications” distinguishes three different types of IRers and financial communicators based on the size of companies:

Duty fulfiller

In smaller and young companies (Prime Standard, SDAX) IRers and financial communicators tend to have the operational role of “duty bearers”, they take care of compliance with regulatory framework conditions.

Relationship maintainer

In more mature and larger companies (MDAX and DAX), so-called “relationship nurturers” primarily take care of the dialogue with the capital market.


The “positioner” has so far been the exception rather than the rule. He/she coaches the board, actively positions the company on the capital market, also on sustainability issues. The basis is the corporate strategy and the KPIs derived from it.

 Investor Relations and Financial Communications positions filled

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PRCC: So much more than just recruiting and placement for Investor Relations

If you decide to recruit through PRCC, you will notice that you get much more than just recruitment for IR. We offer more than just recruitment for financial communications. Our services go far beyond active sourcing for financial relations.

As specialised search consultants for corporate affairs, we offer headhunting at the highest level. We work according to the three proven PRCC principles. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

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