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Consulting, Coaching And Benchmarking In Corporate Affairs

Many personal and corporate challenges can be mastered in a better way by seeking professional support. PRCC Advisory supports you in crucial situations, such as the onboarding of a top executive, the establishment of an integrated corporate affairs function, the development of the sustainability area or the optimisation of your remuneration system.

Benefit from thousands of conversations

Clients benefit from our experience at the interface of communication, marketing, sustainability, HR and the C-level: We conduct more than 3,500 interviews with candidates each year and are in intensive exchange with a range of different companies every day. And we exchange ideas with our search consulting partners in other countries.

We keep encountering new challenges and individual approaches to solutions, while at the same time identifying common features and generally valid patterns. With this know-how, we support clients in the following situations:

Establishing an integrated corporate affairs function

What has long been common practice in other countries is increasingly gaining acceptance in Germany: More and more companies are relying on an integrated corporate affairs function for their reputation management.

Setting up such a department is anything but straightforward. Frequent hurdles include evolved processes, structures, and areas of responsibility. Not infrequently, there is a lack of a concrete understanding of the specific set-up. Sometimes there is a lack of commitment on the board.

You are currently looking at setting up an integrated corporate affairs function? We would be happy to advise you on the necessary processes, structures, and competences.

PRCC Personal Philip Müller

Philip Müller

Managing Partner
Are you interested in our corporate affairs consultancy? Philip Müller will be happy to help you.

Feel free to call me personally at +49 211 176070-66, or fill out the form.


Onboarding support: Mastering the first 100 days

The first 100 days in a manager’s new job are more than just a catchphrase – they determine whether the start of a new job is a success or not and whether recruitment is a success for the employer.

We support companies and top executives in communications, sustainability, and marketing through individual strategic onboarding guidance. This has advantages for both sides: According to Harvard Business School, the onboarding period can be shortened by 40 per cent and the chance of success increases significantly.

  • Sparring, consulting, and coaching in the crucial first 100 days
  • Mentoring by Authentic Leadership Coach Susann Remke (link to “Team”)
  • Tailor-made for leaders in communications, sustainability, and marketing
  • Six intensive units, networking with peers, optional further training
PRCC Personal Thomas Lüdeke

Thomas Lüdeke

Managing Partner
Are you interested in our onboarding? Thomas Lüdeke will be happy to help you.

Feel free to call me personally at +49 211 17607066, or fill out the form.


Benchmarking of remuneration, team and competences

As recruiters, we have a lot of conversations with candidates every day. At PRCC we have over several thousand phone calls, video calls and face-to-face meetings a year. In addition, there are networking events, initiatives such as Modern Leaders, participation in panel discussions – and finally, in-depth dialogue with clients. The exchange with our sister company, the German Academy for Public Relations (dapr), is also often very enriching. 

This gives us valuable insights into what candidates can do and how they want to be paid for it, which profiles employers currently seek and what they are willing to pay, and how the job market for communicators, marketers and sustainability managers is developing.

We would be happy to share this expertise with you – and compare your team, your department, your division with those in other companies.

PRCC Personal Julian Kuchta

Julian Kuchta

Senior Account Manager
Are you interested in our benchmarking? Julian Kuchta is happy to help you.

Feel free to call me personally at +49 211 17 60 70 66, or fill out the form.


Establishing sustainability management/communication

Sustainability is more than a megatrend. There are various reasons (link to sustainability page) for companies and organisations to act (more) sustainably – not least economic, social and regulatory.

When setting up and expanding sustainability management and communications, fundamental questions come to mind – such as: How do I create a strategic sustainability management? Can I manage the new organisational and HR requirements with the existing staff?

We advise you on all questions related to sustainability: what relevance the topic has for your company, which approaches are advisable, which are necessary, which structures and processes you need and how corresponding role profiles should be shaped.

Ihr Ansprechpartner Nina Roggenkämper

Nina Roggenkämper

Senior Advisor Sustainability
Are you interested in our sustainability advice? Nina Roggenkämper is happy to be there for you.

Feel free to call me personally at +49 211 17 60 70 66, or fill out the form.