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For Interim Managers: The Right Mandate In Corporate Affairs

Are you an interim manager specialising in communication, marketing and/or sustainability? You have come to the right place. We arrange mandates in these areas – for example, to bridge a vacancy, a sabbatical or a foreign assignment, during work peaks, illness or for special projects. 

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Tell us your skills and preferences. We will then match these with new mandates – and get in touch if they are a potential fit for you.

Interim mandates in communication and marketing: What are your competences and preferences?

In order for us to consider you for suitable mandates, we need basic key data from you – not least:

What are your main areas of expertise?

Which regions/cities would you consider?

What is your time availability?

What is your day rate?

What skills does an interim manager need?

The professional and personal qualifications an interim manager in the field of corporate affairs should have, depend largely on the specific challenge. In our experience, the following aspects are important:

Relevant track record

In the interim business, everything has to happen quickly – plug & play is the maxim here. Employers therefore often expect relevant experience in exactly the area (industry, function, etc.) in which you are in demand.

Resilient change know-how

Interim managers are often deployed in companies that find themselves in change situations. If you want to succeed in these situations, you not only have to endure change, you have to like it and be able to drive it.

The right leadership style

Sometimes a great deal of tact is required – or the hard hand that executes decisions that the predecessor was unable to implement and with which the successor should not dwell. Quite a few mandates require both.

Flexibility & Co.

Also usually important: flexibility (in terms of time, space, content), excellent time and project management, C-level capability, resilience. The better and faster interim managers learn the ropes, the more successful they are.

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Juliane Weidtmann

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