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Outplacement In Corporate Affairs – Information For Employees

A dismissal is a serious break in one’s professional career and personal life planning. But it can be a new beginning, a liberation, a next step – towards more satisfaction and greater success. 

We guide you on your way

We do more than support people after a dismissal. We outline new possibilities and guide them on their way – and answer fundamental questions:

Why does the company part with me (of all people)?

How do I maintain or increase my value on the job market?

What makes me and my way of working special?

(How) do I present myself properly? Even many experienced forces are unsure.

What makes me happy, what makes sense? Who will (still) take me on?

How can I have a fresh start in the best possible way?

Answers to these questions

In the outplacement process we work out answers to these and many other individual questions. The offers are aimed at both company clients and self-payers.

Learn more about the process of an outplacement with PRCC

The concrete procedure of the PRCC outplacement is individual. We develop a personal programme based on the requirements of the candidate. Learn more about the modules.

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