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Outplacement In Communications, Sustainability And Marketing

Through outplacement, also known as newplacement, we support HR decision-makers and employees in mastering separation processes in an appreciative and successful manner.

You benefit from our specialisation in communications and marketing: we have in-depth market knowledge, an excellent network, and we stick to a holistic process of consulting, training, and coaching.

For companies and employees

Advantages of an Outplacement with a focus on Communications and Marketing

With an outplacement through PRCC, companies provide their (former) employees with real experts in communications and marketing. This ensures that the candidates feel understood and looked out for, that they see the outplacement as added value and the situation as an opportunity. This is where our specialisation helps:

We speak the language of Communications and Marketing candidates

Most outplacement service providers cannot distinguish a press spokesperson from a Head of Marketing. With us, your (former) employees are accompanied by consultants and coaches who have worked as communicators and/or marketers themselves – and who know what they (and the candidates) are talking about.

We can categorise competences and preferences

Which skills fit which job? Who needs a qualification and in which area? Which employer is a good fit? These questions can only be judged by those who have a broad and deep understanding of the market – like us. From countless conversations with employees and employers in communications and marketing, we know what is important, what is realistic, what makes sense – and what doesn’t.

We have access to the relevant decision-makers

Often an outplacement process looks like this: There is a lot of talking, the candidate gets a nice new CV off the shelf, then the outplacement counsellor distributes the profile to the headhunters in his/her network. From then on, the principle of hope prevails. The whole process works better if the outplacement service provider has excellent contacts to the relevant decision-makers.

We do not just provide selective support – we accompany you into your new job

We are a network of strong partners: from search consultants and outplacement coaches to leading trainers. We offer candidates a stringent overall concept from profiling to qualification and onboarding.

We have in-depth market knowledge, an excellent network, and work with a holistic process of counselling, training, and coaching. We offer optimal support for your outplacement.

How does an outplacement process work?

The concrete procedure of the PRCC outplacement is individual. We develop a personal programme based on the requirements of the candidate. Learn more about the modules.

Your Advisors and Coaches

As specialists in communications and marketing, we are convinced that we can look after candidates better than any generalist provider in the market.

Clients benefit from our holistic interplay of search consulting, headhunting, business coaching and further training. We work with strong partners – hence offering you all the services you need in a challenging situation such as a separation and reorientation.

PRCC Personal Thomas Lüdeke

Thomas Lüdeke

Managing Partner
Are you interested in our outplacement services? Thomas Lüdeke will be happy to help you.

Feel free to call me personally at +49 211 17607066, or fill out the form.


Carolin Adler

Senior Advisor Outplacement
Carolin Adler is a coach specialising in change, a sparring partner for executives and a change expert. She has been working on corporate communication, change and transformation issues at senior management level in various global companies for 20 years.

Feel free to call me personally at +49 211 17 60 70 66, or fill out the form.


Veit M. Hirche

Vorsitzender des PRCC-Beirats
Veit M. Hirche is the Chairman of the PRCC Advisory Board. His focus is on executive coaching and newplacement. Veit M. Hirche brings over 25 years of management and leadership experience in international corporations and as managing director of his own consultancy.

Feel free to call me personally at +49 211 17 60 70 66, or fill out the form.