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Marketing – How We Support You As A Search Consultancy

Modern marketing is much more than a bundle of measures to get customers to buy – as a management function it is closely linked with other business processes, from purchasing to production and recruitment to sales.

PRCC Personal Maike Blankenstein
Maike Blankenstein
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Customer centricity is the primacy of modern marketing decision-makers. But other stakeholders have also moved into the focus of interdisciplinary marketing – HR marketing and employer branding, for example, primarily address potential employees.

Brand Management and Customer Experience Management are focal points

The four Ps of the classic marketing mix – product, price, placement, and promotion – are today often supplemented by “People”, “Process Management” and “Physical Equipment”, not least to do justice to the conditions in the service sector. This gives holistic marketeers far-reaching power. They influence product development with their knowledge of customer needs, they align supply chains and prices with market conditions, and they strengthen positioning through high-budget omnichannel campaigns.

In the daily work of many candidates placed by PRCC, the focus is on the “promotion” aspect, i.e., marketing communications. According to the trend study “Marketing Agenda” by the German Marketing Association, modern marketers are responsible for brand strategy & brand management, customer experience management and content marketing. Megatrends in the industry are connectivity and individualisation. We are observing the same development in our daily work.

Travel companion on the customer journey

Modern marketers do more than online marketing. They use omnichannel marketing to engage with relevant customers through the appropriate channels and to learn as much as possible about their target group. The objective is to accompany customers through various touchpoints during the entire customer journey – to inspire and retain them, to expand business and to win them back. Marketers rely on customer insights – i.e., data that is as meaningful as possible – and use it for customer activation and customer engagement. The backbone of this approach is a well-managed customer relationship management (CRM).   

Modern (online) marketing is therefore digital marketing, it has a distinct technological component – hence the term MarTech with its facets Data-Driven Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation.

Marketing as an interdisciplinary management and leadership task

Given the complexity and scope of today’s marketing challenges and the diverse skills required to meet them, marketing leaders often manage larger teams, departments, or divisions. This means that leadership tasks and management tasks are at the centre of their range of responsibilities.

Activities include the management of processes and structures, staff development, budget management and KPI-based controlling. Close cooperation with interface functions such as sales and customer service are also indispensable. Points of contact between the HR department and corporate communications include the topic of employer branding. Communications is also often a tandem partner when it comes to the corporate brand, social media, influencer marketing and events.

Modern marketing is integrated marketing. In medium-sized companies, marketing and communications often come from a single source. But even in large companies there is a trend to consolidate the entire stakeholder management of the company as part of a corporate affairs approach.

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PRCC: So much more than just recruiting and placement for Marketing

If you decide to recruit through PRCC, you will notice that you get much more than just recruitment for marketing. We offer more than just recruitment for digital marketing. Our services go far beyond active sourcing for online marketing.

As specialised search consultants for corporate affairs, we offer headhunting at the highest level. We work according to the three proven PRCC principles. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

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PRCC Personal Maike Blankenstein

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