Page@PRCC: Schopenhauer, Net Zero and Corporate Affairs

Veröffentlicht am 23.04.24 von Philip Müller

„Beyond Communications: How sustainability, AI and new stakeholders change the profession“ – this was the motto of the first Page Society Regional Event held at PRCC’s premises in mid-April.

The Chief Communication Officers of leading companies discussed with the high-calibre speakers Jill Meiburg of GEA and Jan Hiesserich of Aleph Alpha. Jill spoke about how GEA Group is tackling sustainability to make a real impact. Pioneering: GEA is the first company in the DAX index family to put its shareholders to the vote on the path to Net Zero on 30 April.

Jan delivered holistic perspectives on AI, with an inspiring humanistic touch. Probably very few of the CCOs present had expected a lecture on AI to be about Schopenhauer and Heisenberg – and only marginally about technology. The bottom line: AI will probably never become completely human – and there are forms of creativity that only human beings can master.

PRCC Managing Director Philip Müller gave a brief overview of the five roles that corporate affairs officers play in their daily work, depending on the situation and stakeholders they are dealing with. PRCC compiled these roles from 23 interviews with Corporate Affairs Directors in six countries conducted by the Corporate Affairs Search Alliance (CASA), of which PRCC is a founding member.

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