Outplacement and newplacement in communication and marketing

We support employers and employees in mastering separation processes in an appreciative and successful manner.

You benefit from our specialisation in communication and marketing: we have deep market knowledge, excellent networking and work with a holistic process. We offer you optimal support for your outplacement or newplacement.

For employees

New perspectives for executives and experts

A dismissal is a serious break in one’s professional career and personal life planning. But it can be a new beginning, a liberation, a next step – towards more satisfaction and greater success.

We do more than support people with their “out”. We show them new options and accompany them on their way.

Taking the next steps together

People going through a professional separation often worry about their “employability”:

  • Why are they separating from me (of all people)?
  • How do I maintain or increase my value in the industry?
  • What makes me and my way of working special?
  • (How) do I present myself correctly? A lot of work experience often means little application experience.
  • But also: What actually makes me happy, what makes sense for me? Who will (still) take me on? And how can I stay productive for as long as possible?

During the outplacement process we work out answers to these questions. The offers are aimed at both corporate clients and self-payers.

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For employers

Appreciation despite termination

A separation is a difficult situation for everyone involved. You represent the employer’s side – and want to shape the process as best as possible. Professional outplacement helps with this:

  • Employers reduce frustrations and minimise the risk of negative online comments and legal disputes.
  • The morale of the remaining colleagues is maintained, and the company’s image is not damaged.
  • With outplacement, companies can even save money by avoiding legal disputes and loss of productivity and shortening remaining terms of employment contracts.

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Shaping separations in the best possible way

We accompany HR managers, line managers, HR business partners and, if necessary, the management throughout the entire outplacement process: from the initiation to the implementation to the follow-up of the separation. We support the outplacement candidates in their orientation and positioning in the job market, in qualifying themselves – and finally in finding a new job that suits them.

As a HR decision-maker, you tell us about your needs and we will find an tailored solution. Are you parting with a single employee? An entire team? We are your sparring partners and service providers.

Find out more about our services and the process of a PRCC outplacement here.

How you benefit from our specialisation

With an outplacement through PRCC, you provide your (former) employees with real experts in marketing and communication. This ensures that the candidates feel appreciated and understood, that they see the outplacement as added value and the situation as an opportunity. This is where our specialisation helps:

We speak the same language as the candidates

Most outplacement service providers cannot distinguish a press spokesperson from a head of marketing. With us, your (former) employees are accompanied by consultants who have worked as communicators and/or marketers themselves – and who know what they (and the candidates) are talking about.

We can classify skills and preferences

Which skills fit which job, who still needs to qualify where, which employer is the right one – this can only be judged by those who have a broad and deep understanding of the market – like we do. From countless conversations with employees and employers in communication and marketing, we know what is important, what is realistic, what fits together – and what does not.

We have access to the relevant decision-makers

Often, an outplacement process looks like this: There is a lot of talking, the candidate gets a nice new CV off the shelf, then the outplacement consultant distributes the profile to the headhunters in his network. From then on, the principle of hope prevails. The whole thing works better if the outplacement service provider himself has excellent contacts to the relevant decision-makers.

We don’t just provide one-off support – we accompany you all the way to your new job.

We are a network of strong partners: from HR consultants and outplacement coaches to leading trainers. Together we offer candidates a stringent overall concept from profiling to qualification and onboarding.

Offer and procedure of a PRCC outplacement

The concrete procedure of the outplacement is individual. We develop a tailored programme based on the requirements of the candidate.

All people who go through a PRCC outplacement will receive intensive counselling, coaching and training. We network and recommend you. If desired, we close qualification gaps and accompany the candidates into a new employment relationship – and beyond.


The PRCC building blocks to success

We put together your individual outplacement programme with the help of five tried and tested building blocks:


  • Coming to terms with the separation – not least: “Why me?”
  • Status quo analysis incl. strengths and weaknesses – personal, professional, methodical
  • Comparison of expectations and market opportunities
  • Definition of desirable and realistic goals
  • Comparison of self-image and external image
  • Personal branding and personal story
  • Document check and optimisation: cover letter, CV, references
  • Presentation and activities in social networks
  • Interview training, feedback interviews
  • Contract negotiation, remuneration consulting
  • If required: qualification via the German Academy for Public Relations (dapr)
  • Development of an effective application strategy
  • Intensive support of the application process incl. preparation and follow-up work
  • Networking, identification of targets, vacancy check, talks with multipliers, recommendations etc.

Support during the first 100 days in the new job: feedbacks, exchange of experiences, sparring and coaching in case of challenges

Your partners in the network

As specialists in communication and marketing, we are convinced that we can accompany candidates better than any generalist provider in the market.

You benefit from our holistic interplay of executive consulting, headhunting, business coaching and further training. With strong partners, we bundle competences – and thus offer you all the services you need in the challenging situation of a separation and reorientation.

Thomas Lüdeke

Thomas Lüdeke has known the communications industry for 15 years and is familiar with many different perspectives. He thinks with interfaces in mind, sees opportunities even where they do not seem immediately obvious and attaches great importance to matching human and professional strengths on the employer and employee sides. His work in the field of outplacement benefits above all from his many years of experience as a consultant at PRCC Personalberatung: accompanying staffing processes for communication and marketing professionals at specialist and management level.

E-Mail: thomas.luedeke (at) prcc-personal.de
Twitter: @Luedeke_T

Philip Müller

Philip Müller is managing partner at PRCC Personalberatung. He co-founded the company in 2010. Before that, he worked as a communications consultant and in journalism for many years. Today he is a headhunter with heart and soul: representing the interests of employees and employers alike to achieve the best possible result – this still fills him with great joy. Philip Müller also brings this passion to outplacement. He supports candidates in reflecting on their dismissal – to then distinguish themselves, network and finally successfully master the first 100 days on the job.

E-Mail: philip.mueller (at) prcc-personal.de
Twitter: @helloheadhunter

Veit M. Hirche

Veit Hirche accompanies people with heart and passion in personal change processes in the company or on the way to new professional challenges.
He brings over 25 years of management and leadership experience, gained in international corporations, but above all as managing director, partner and entrepreneur of his own consultancy. With his company Career Transition he brings many years of newplacement experience at executive level.

Juliane Weidtmann

PR, marketing, consulting, editing, agency business, corporate communications, further education – Juliane Weidtmann brings expertise from all of these fields, for example from her positions at the FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management, Ogilvy Healthworld and Effecten Spiegel. As Senior Account Manager at PRCC Personalberatung, she matches the requirements of employers and employees. Juliane Weidtmann brings all of this experience to outplacement projects, for example when it comes to personal branding or the right application strategy. She also knows how to successfully balance two children and a job.

Nils Hille

Nils Hille is Managing Director at the Deutsche Akademie für Public Relations (dapr) (German Academy for Public Relations). The qualified pedagogue and trainer brings a lot of experience in the field of communication – as a lecturer, as a coach and moderator and as a developer of new seminar formats. The trained journalist worked as an editor at the Handelsblatt publishing group for nine years. As head of dapr.consulting, Nils Hille supports communication and marketing departments in examining and changing or expanding their structures, processes and the competences of their employees.

Nane Kröger_PRCC_300x300

Nane Kröger

As personal assistant, Nane Kröger keeps everything moving at PRCC. She always has an open ear for interested parties, clients and colleagues. She is also fully committed in her private life – for example when she is out cycling in all weathers or training for the next half marathon.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about outplacement & Co

As helpful as the outplacement service can be – it is not self-explanatory. Moreover, there are major differences from provider to provider. Here we have bundled together frequently asked questions and the answers for you.

The term outplacement refers to counselling in professional reorientation – whether triggered by a dismissal (and often associated with financing by the former employer) or the individual’s own desire for change. The process starts with an analysis of the status quo, followed by a definition of goals and support in the application process. You are in regular contact with the counsellor, receive feedback and coaching and have a sparring partner when it comes to remuneration and contract negotiations, for example.

Probably the most important benefit: You find a new professional task – perhaps one that suits you even better than the previous one.

To achieve this, you and your outplacement counsellor will jointly take a close look at yourself, your skills, your strengths and weaknesses, but also identify your personal aspirations and goals. You strengthen your profile and make conscious decisions for your career. Therefore, the reorientation is also an opportunity to come out of the situation stronger and happier. Finally, you also expand your network in the outplacement process.

A separation is a difficult situation for everyone involved. Through outplacement you support the employee in the best possible way to quickly find a new job.

In doing so, you show responsibility and appreciation towards your employees – and this in turn strengthens motivation in the remaining workforce and protects the working atmosphere. In this way, you strengthen the company’s reputation and minimise the risk of negative comments in employee portals. Another essential factor: you avoid high costs due to complex legal disputes and long remaining terms of employment contracts.

Last but not least: Since many aspects of the separation process are taken over by the outplacement consultant, you save time and resources with the line managers, the HR department and possibly also the management.

No, not since 2020. Outplacement counselling for departing employees initiated and financed by the employer is not treated as a non-cash benefit.

You agree on the elements of the outplacement package with your counsellor at the beginning of the process.

Basically, we start by taking stock. What are your goals, strengths and weaknesses? What were the reasons for your termination, and can we develop any recommendations for the future based on the causes? We carry out a comprehensive document check and take care of your personal branding.

Next, we accompany your applications with intensive feedback interviews and jointly identify targets and multipliers.

In addition, you will receive coaching on contract negotiations, and we will offer you further training with our training partner dapr.

And if you wish, we will accompany you into your new job: with regular feedback and telephone calls during the first 100 days of your new employment.

Outplacement is a highly individual matter and requires a trusting relationship between candidate and counsellor. Personal contact is therefore our top priority. We are where the candidate is. In addition to being available by phone or video call, we guarantee regular personal meetings – throughout Germany and at short notice.

You should be “on the same wavelength” with your outplacement counsellor. You exchange ideas, talk about strengths, weaknesses and above all your personal goals. If you don’t feel you are in the right place, this will stand in the way of a successful cooperation. Ask yourself a few key questions after the initial interview:

✔ Professional competence: Does the consultant understand what you do in your job? Does he only bring experience in general career counselling, or does he know your industry?

✔ Regional vs (inter)national activity: Does the counsellor only work regionally or nationwide? Does he have international networks?

✔ Personnel resources: Do you have a fixed contact person who is likable? Is there a team behind your consultant who can provide additional input? Is your consultant reliable and easily accessible?

✔ Honesty: Do you feel your counsellor is honest and realistic with his or her assessments regarding your competences and chances on the labour market? Do you feel that you are taken seriously? Are the contracts transparent?

✔ Networking: Is your counsellor so well networked that he/she can place your profile directly with the right people?

You don’t consult a general practitioner with a toothache – and you should do the same with your professional future. If your goal is to take a new path in communication or marketing, you should rely on advisors who know what they (and you!) are talking about. This way you ensure that the networks reach into the positions that are relevant for you. 

Because we are not about accompanying your “out” with a few warm words, but because we show you a “next”. Because we know the industry and know where your competences fit in. Because we pursue a holistic concept and bundle competencies to provide you with the best possible advice: At PRCC, professionals from recruiting, coaching and training work hand in hand.