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Corporate Communications – How We Support You As A Search Consultancy

Today, companies that want to avoid losing the power of perception need a powerful corporate communications team that interlinks internal and external communication.

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Instead of “fair-weather communicators”, companies are looking for personalities who can and want to actively drive change. Change will continue to be plentiful in the future – through restructuring, crises, mergers & acquisitions, board changes, disruptive competitors, etc.
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We find the best executives, managers and experts in corporate communications, public relations, and internal and external communications.

Internal and external communication in transition

There were times in the communications industry when external communications consisted mainly of press work and internal communications was rather neglected. This has changed dramatically.

Internal communication drives change

Internal communication has experienced an enormous upgrade and thus a boost in professionalism, not least through Corona. It is about much more than just ensuring that employees are kept engaged – it is about accompanying far-reaching transformation processes with communication and, if necessary, actively driving them with a clear change mandate.

External communication is omni-channel

Classic media work has long since become omnichannel communication on different channels – by paying for it (paid), earning likes, comments, and re-posts (earned and shared) and using one’s own channels (owned). Communities and influencers are not seen as disruptive voices – but as part of a stakeholder diversity that is ideally integrated in a dialogue.

Modern communicators orchestrate content and distribution

Successful communications managers think in terms of topics. They create up-to-date processes and structures to distribute the stakeholder-oriented content. For example, but not necessarily, through a newsroom model. They literally get PR, internal communications, HR, marketing and brand management, sustainability, IT and representatives from the business around one table. Some communications decision-maker has had good experience with a consistent agilisation of his/her department – and has, for example, established so-called “topic planners”. Their job is to find and distribute topics like a spider in the web.

Important in the future: data, measurability, artificial intelligence

As in marketing, technology is becoming increasingly important in corporate communications, i.e., with ComTech. Curated data is a rich source for good storytelling. It also enables communicators to play out content in a more targeted way and to control the effectiveness of measures based on kpi. In the future, artificial intelligence will relieve communicators of a lot of work and ensure that communicators (must) constantly evolve to justify their role.

Is Corporate Affairs the Future of Corporate Communications?

Gradually, corporate communications will merge further with other disciplines, not least public affairs. More and more often, the job holder’s title will then read “Corporate Affairs”. Sometimes the title will include Marketing, sometimes Investor Relations. Communications professionals will increasingly be responsible for Sustainability communications and, in some cases, the entire sustainability management.

But not every company will have a Corporate Affairs Director instead of a Corporate Communicator. Not every company needs, can or wants to participate in political discourse, especially not on a global level. Smaller, locally active companies will therefore continue to succeed well with a Head of Communications.

Roles filled by PRCC in Corporate Communications & Public Relations

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Group Vice President Corporate Communication
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PRCC: So much more than just recruiting and placement for Corporate Affairs

If you decide to recruit through PRCC, you will notice that you get much more than just recruitment for corporate affairs. Our services go far beyond active sourcing.

As specialised search consultants, we offer headhunting at the highest level. We work according to the three proven PRCC principles. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

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