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Sustainability – How We Support You As A Search Consultancy

There are good reasons for organisations to act (more) sustainably – out of conviction, because of legal requirements, to minimise risks, to meet the expectations of their customers and investors, and to be attractive as an employer. When approached in a holistic and systematic way, addressing sustainability issues is a change process that helps organisations to become more innovative and sustainable.

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Nina Roggenkämper
Senior Advisor Sustainability
bei PRCC
Companies that want to tackle the issue of sustainability seriously and successfully need a sound, comprehensive sustainability strategy – and the right structures, processes and people to implement this strategy.
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Development and expansion of Sustainability Management and Sustainability Communications: Key Questions

  • What are the key issues and challenges facing my company in the context of sustainability? What reporting obligations do I have to meet? Which areas show a concrete need for action and what is the urgency?
  • What does a strategic sustainability management look like? What could a rough roadmap look like?
  • How and where can the interdisciplinary topic of sustainability be placed in my organisation, with which roles, responsibilities, and mandates, with which interfaces and workflows?
  • What does the implementation of sustainability management and reporting mean for the various corporate divisions/departments and their interaction? What new tasks and requirements will the divisions have to deal with?
  • Can the new organisational and personnel requirements be managed with the existing workforce? What professional and personal skills are required for the different roles? Who should be trained, and which new positions should be created?

Our sustainability services for you

We find the right sustainability experts.

We train your employees to become sustainability communicators.

We advise on the establishment of sustainability communication and management.

Filled positions in sustainability and sustainability communication

Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
Head of Investor Relations & ESG
Leiter Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement & Unternehmenskommunikation
Head of Corporate Sustainability

PRCC: So much more than recruiting and placement for sustainability

If you decide to recruit through PRCC, you will notice that you get much more than just recruitment for Sustainability. We offer more than just recruitment for ESG. Our services go far beyond active sourcing for CSR.

As specialised search consultants for corporate affairs, we offer headhunting at the highest level. We work according to the three proven PRCC principles. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

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