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Public Affairs – How We Support You As A Search Consultancy

Political stakeholders have a great influence on the regulatory framework and thus on the business success of companies. The developments of the last few years have noticeably increased the economic power of the state, as demonstrated by lockdowns, energy price brakes, bailouts, and nationalisations of companies.

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Corporate leaders rely on dialogue with political decision-makers and opinion leaders – through public affairs, lobbying, government relations, and through political communications.
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Public affairs secure the “licence to operate”

For companies in highly regulated sectors such as the energy industry, the benefits and the need for public affairs are obvious. Likewise, where the government is an important client, such as in the healthcare or defence sectors, cultivating political relations is an elementary part of doing business.

Essentially, the following applies to almost all sectors and companies above a certain size: a trust-based dialogue between companies and political decision-makers ensures a flow of information in both directions and enables the company not only to react to developments, but to proactively influence them. Ultimately, it is about securing the licence to operate – in other words, about creating or maintaining the framework conditions that the company needs to pursue its business purpose and to be successful in the future.

For the political actors themselves – parties, ministries, the government, state institutions, etc. – communication has long been a success factor, for example in the form of political campaigning.

Digital Public Affairs is established – but it doesn’t work without face-to-face meetings

Digital public affairs has long outgrown its infancy. Maintaining personal contacts, however, remains the be-all and end-all in political communication and lobbying. This is not just our experience from day-to-day recruitment consulting, but also one of the key findings of MSL’s Public Affairs Survey 2022.  

Public affairs roles filled by PRCC

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PRCC: So much more than just recruiting and placement for Public Affairs

If you decide to recruit through PRCC, you will notice that you get much more than just recruitment for public affairs. We offer more than just recruitment for government relations. Our services go far beyond active sourcing for political communications.

As specialised search consultants for corporate affairs, we offer headhunting at the highest level. We work according to the three proven PRCC principles. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

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